Abbey Skafidia.

The Abbey Skafidia is found hardly 10 km away from Pyrgos and close to the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, at the mouth of the river Iardanos. The visitor will remain speechless gazing from far the medieval fortress that surrounds it. The monastery of Virgin Mary of Skafidiotissas, from which it took its name, was built in the 10th century A. D. Apart from its remarkable architecture, it has also got a lot of treasures, such as holy vessels, vestments, reliquaries, uniforms, arms, pictures, currencies, votives and the flag of the Abbey from hand-embroidered picture with devote to Virgin Mary. Important is the file of the Abbey and the library with a lot of handwritten books, which refer to functional, musical, hagiography and other matters, but also to the history of the Abbey and its interference in the Greek Revolution in 1821. Today the Abbey consists of 4 Nuns, with Abbot the Nun Makaria Anastasopoulou.