Katakolo is a coastal town with a rich history, where nature has generously given a lot of its beauties. Graphic, with intense traditional color, Katakolo receives today plenty of visitors in its harbor, giving at the same time a lot of choices for pleasant holiday. It is built near the ruins of Ancient Feias, while its entrance is dominated by old raisins-warehouses used for the storage of raisins that left by boats to western regions. The harbor of Katakolo was manufactured in the 19th century for the export of raisin to Europe. At the same period and for the same reason the railway line to Pyrgos was manufactured with the purpose to transport all the products faster from the other regions of County Ilias. This was the first railway line that functioned in Greece. Today the buildings of the raisin-warehouses have been renovated and transformed into cafeterias and taverns. Katakolo and the wider region constitute a very beautiful tourist resort that combines mountain, green nature and sea. It is the most important gate of entry in Greece from the Western Mediterranean. Above Katakolo the locations of Saint Andrea and Pontikokastro stand proud and remind its rich history.