Latseio Megaron.

A neoclassical building with imposing architecture that adorns the central square of the city. Its construction was made by donation of Ioannis Latsis.

The services of the Municipality of Pyrgos, the Office of the Mayor and the Chairman of the Municipal Council, the room of meetings of the Municipal Council, as well as the hall that hosts the Folkloric Expedition, are accommodated here. The facade of the building with its rich morphological elements imitates classicist standards. On the ground floor, on the podium with three steps, an arcade with marble colonnade is developed in front of the also marble entrance wall.

The facade of the two floors, in the color of ochre, is split by marble pseydoparastades which frame big openings to the balconies, while in the middle of the first floor two Ionian rhythm columns appear in the wall in the color of purple. In the interior timber and multicolored marbles, as well as the paintings, dominate as constructional and decorative elements.

The mansion, which was finished in 1985, began to be built in 1977 under authority of major Michalis Xystris, after a big donation of the fellow-citizen tycoon Jannis Latsis.