Greeting of the Mayor and brief note.

My love for Pyrgos, for the Municipality and my fellow-citizens, my faith and the vision for the place where I was born and live, guide my steps. My principle is fight and offer for a better life, for a protective society of citizens, for a place worth of its history. Gavrilis Liatsis-Mayor of Pyrgos .
CV Note:
  • Born in Pyrgos of County Ilias, son of Spyridonas and Vasiliki Liatsi.
  • Studied in the Higher School of Economic Sciences (Athens University of Economics and Business) and was specialized on issues of Management in Greece and abroad.
  • Served his military service in the Ordnance Corps with terminal extent of Reservist Captain.
He was:
  • Director of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Ilias for 30 years
  • Teacher of medium education and taught in management training seminars
  • Board member of Economic Chamber of Greece
  • President of the Association of Reserve Officers of Prefecture Ileias
  • President of regional department of “Greek Red Cross”
  • President of National Stadium of Pyrgos
  • Vice president of the Association of Ilias students
  • Chief of minor minority of municipal council of Municipality of Pyrgos at the period of 1994-1998
  • Mayor of Pyrgos for two consecutive four-year periods from 1999 up to 2006
  • Administrator of Patra’s University Hospital from January of 2007 until April of 2010
  • Head of major minority of municipal Council of municipality of Pyrgos at the period of 2007-2014
  • Reelected Mayor in the recent municipal elections (25-5- 2014) with five-year service from 1-9- 2014 up to 31-8- 2019
  • He is wedded with Polyxeni Anastasopoulou, teacher, and has got two children, Spyros, a pediatrician and Avgerinos, a lawyer.