Church St. Nicholas

It is found at the central square of Pyrgos and it is the Metropolis of the city. In 1885 it was destroyed by the earthquakes, while the first work for its reconstruction was held in May 1889.In 1904 the municipality of Pyrgos decided the donation of 4 thousands of drachmas for the completion of the temple. Finally the temple was inaugurated in 1906, presence of Metropolitan Ilias.

Eparcheion. (Courthouse)

The hill of Eparcheion is found in the historical centre of the city, in the southern of the central square of Pyrgos. It constitutes an oasis of dew in the centre of the city, with a small grove for a picnic and space for relaxation and with a playground ready to entertain the small children. It has a view to the southern side of the city and the sea.

Church St.Charalampos.

The church of Saint Charalampos was built during the Ottoman domination era by the family Vilaeti. Saint Charalampos constitutes the patron saint of the city of Pyrgos, since, according to tradition, he saved the city from the danger of plague. At the point where the epidemic stopped, the small church of Saint Charalampos was built.The picture of the Saint is kept in the temple, which was granted in 1687 by the family Vilaeti, who had brought it with them from Bela Ipeirou. Since 1946 Saint Charalampos is officially celebrated as patron saint of our city.

Church St. Athanasios

The church of Saint Athanassios was built according to Ziller plans. It is built on one of the seven hills of the region. Ioannis Liourdis played an important role in its manufacture, since he was the major benefactor. The miraculous picture of Virgin Mary is kept in the temple.

Latseio Megaron.

A neoclassical building with imposing architecture that adorns the central square of the city. Its construction was made by donation of Ioannis Latsis.


Katakolo is a coastal town with a rich history, where nature has generously given a lot of its beauties. Graphic, with intense traditional color, Katakolo receives today plenty of visitors in its harbor, giving at the same time a lot of choices for pleasant holiday. It is built near the ruins of Ancient Feias, while its entrance is dominated by old raisins-warehouses used for the storage of raisins that left by boats to western regions. The harbor of Katakolo was manufactured in the 19th century for the export of raisin to Europe.

Apollo theatre.

It is donation of land owner Sokratis Syllaidopoulos and was manufactured during the period between 1850 -1900. It functions as space of theatre and cultural events and is located in the centre of the city. With its monumental appearance and the elaborate and interesting morphology (invested with marble capitals of engaged pillars decorated with rosettes) it constitutes a characteristic sample of neoclassic architecture of the last fourth of the 19th century.

Abbey Skafidia.

The Abbey Skafidia is found hardly 10 km away from Pyrgos and close to the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, at the mouth of the river Iardanos. The visitor will remain speechless gazing from far the medieval fortress that surrounds it. The monastery of Virgin Mary of Skafidiotissas, from which it took its name, was built in the 10th century A. D.